Dream It Out (EP)

by morning...

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    This is our first EP, recorded Memorial Day weekend in 2009.

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released October 16, 2009

All songs written and performed by morning...
Mixed and mastered by George/morning...
Album artwork by Amy Cunningham



all rights reserved


morning... Ringwood

11/16/14 --

We are almost done with tracking all our new songs. Thanks so much for keeping up with us thus far. Soon we'll all be dancing together. <3

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Track Name: Anywhere (EP version)
i get closer, you get lovelier. my chest gets heavier
the weather is just miserable, but you're just fuckin wonderful
completely irresistible. my head, it treats you like an invader
but i know better. lucid dreaming: if i will it, i can kill it
i can make you mine, or i can make myself a wreck
'cause i can't seem to get you off my mind

and i'm shakin with the dead trees out the window of the building
they are swimmin in the gloom. i am breathing in the mood
well i'm out of things to say, but my mouth, it runs on anyway
as long as you will listen, i'm ok

i paint and paint it gray, you appear in color anyway
and as long as i can will it, you'll be an extra
but you're as close to perfect as a close-to-perfect person could be
and you were made for me. you were made to keep me company
and i don't know what love is, but baby i know
that you do have me on a tether. when you walked me through the weather
never felt any better

when we speak it's dangerous
when we don't collide it's so exciting
to be alive
and when the city by the sea
finally condescends to take me
you'll know what it's like
to be in the middle when the world divides

when i feel like i'm hopelessly wandering in tokyo,
i will call you
and you can be my scarlett. my foil
cause even though i sometimes don't feel like a human being
you make it worth it
and when you walked me through the weather
never felt any better
Track Name: ...And in This Song, I Teach Myself Patience
how about i only think about you
when there's leaves on the path
as i'm on my way to class?
will that make it less apparent?
is this really happening?

how about i stop and take a second
until all of this blows over?
all i'll need is a moment.
i know it's there somewhere
i smell it in your hair
i see it in that blank-faced stare
that leaves my defenses bare.


but today i sat and watched as
a handful of leaves twirled
their ways about the road
after stumblin down their trees
and today i sat and watched
as the thought occurred to me
that the canopies, still green,
are not prepared to take their leave

so stick by me 'til there's color
stay near 'til we have time
stick close and let your heart sink
to the ground right next to mine
i'm not sayin i know perfect
but i know i can't be wrong
when i know you feel like i do when you're around.
Track Name: Even Odd Smiles Are In This Season
stoppin at the flower-lit wash of world color
suddenly pulled from those lonely, cold, snowy lawns
but i kinda miss all of the safety i associate
with little things, like clothing layers, blankets, fireplaces
it's so, so weird to have no fear
but now, we're all uncovered. nothing can be private
there's nowhere to hide. we're all in
capri jeans so your ankles come clean
it's all so revealing. i feel like i'm stealing
it's so, so weird. you ache and disappear

fear is for the indoors
you'll get no roses for your rainstorms
emptiness will manifest in those
who decide they're much too scared to get wet

i'm really sick of rebirth, but it hounds at every corner
i am eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
and i know that it's in season, but it's makin me a demon
i am much too exhausted to take arms against it
it's so, so weird to have no fear
reinvention. i told myself i'd try it, but
i wish that someone told me i was gonna have to buy it
if the cost of new glasses and a wardrobe will distract me,
i will pay through the nose.
it's so, so weird. you ache and disappear

you, it's always you
i'm always sick
we layer on the music thick, but
you, it will be you
the songs will play, cascade, sway me into better days

and all i can think about is letting out a perfect sound
and all i can talk about is indie rock and roundabouts
and all i can do is sit around, mope about, and listen to braid
what a place you made
Track Name: New York
i've got new york city in the palm of my hand
there's no way i'm leaving this trashbasket past
kicking and screaming. the flag hangs half-mast
for the day that we lost and the life i want back.

she noticed me standin on the edge of the street
and i'm thinking that leaving can make my ends meet
but wherever i go i'l be stuck on the seat of a
bus 'til i wake up and get off my feet

and i laid there. it got darker and darker
and i laid there still

she noticed me standin on the edge of the street
and i'm thinking that leaving can make these ends meet
but wherever i go i'll be stuck on the seat of a
bus 'til i wake up and get off my god-damn feet

taxi, take us back down to the ground
quickly, or my pride will gun us all down
Track Name: Fight Off Your Demons
i live in the irrational. no one here gets comfortable
if i could, i'd let you in
drink you up like medicine
but i don't need a cure. the cured are all so bored
and i'd be doin' you an injustice to drain you

yeah, i've been thinking, and drinking,
and then i went and thought some more
and i thought you should know
what's been drugging and dragging and draining me down

baby i need this. i'm fighting my demons
there has to be a place i can go
if you put me back to sleep, they'll eat me piece by piece

cuz i've got some people, but i ain't got time
now i managed some time, but it ain't mine
and i know you're mine and i guess that's fine
but it's a real fine line between a doubt and lie
and i guess i would be lying if
i said i wasn't treading that line.

baby i need this. i'm fighting my demons
there has to be a place i can go
if you put me back to sleep, they'll eat me piece by piece

and maybe this could last forever
if it does, it gets no better,
and if this gets no better,
if i don't write this letter,
it'll drag you on a tether off into the distance
to a place filled with ghosts from your future
and when it's done you'll fucking scream your head off
everything you knew was in a jar locked in your stomach
and when it has to open,
all the love and villains that you kept inside
will have to make sure you're alright,
then say goodbye
Track Name: Sleep Like a Wide Open Window
i was asleep and so alive
moreso than every day life
far away i'd wait for me,
but i found it best to leave me be
so we tied a string to the sun
pulled towards the horizon
i don't know what i wanna see,
but i don't want it in a dream

all my days seem crystalline
tiny gems you never leave
hazes of green stick in your throat
and all that shit weighs down the boat
so we wait by our windowsills
the whole world at a standstill
i don't know what i wanna see
but i don't want it in a dream.

every time i come home, it feels like i've been gone for years
yeah if home is where the heart is, then it must be far from here
so my heart slips through my ribs and tries to migrate to the south
but much like the wings of its companions, it has the cold to live without
so i watch this pretty picture in slow decay while on display
i can't enjoy it while it lasts, the same thing happened yesterday
wonder how could such a twilight seem so awkward and misplaced
inside this little set of towns that we return to every day?